Forms and Paperwork


Disability, FMLA, Social Security Disability, Worker’s Compensation, narratives, work return/restrictions and other paperwork should be discussed and completed prior to surgery. In order to ensure that your paperwork is completed, you will need to make a meeting appointment with Dr. Rauzzino or Stephen Ladd.


FMLA forms that are not related to a surgery require an appointment with Dr. Rauzzino in order to review the claim.

If you have had surgery and will need FMLA forms completed for short term disability, please speak directly with Stephen Ladd. Our office will only be able to complete forms for a maximum of three months leave following surgery.

Usually patients will take 6-12 weeks minimum FMLA or “off work” status to allow for recovery time. This is per individual and dependent upon his/her employer.

Dr. Rauzzino is not able to complete claims for Social Security disability. Our office is able to send medical records to the Social Security Administration upon request.

We will provide your attorney with copies of requested medical records only if we receive a HIPPA-compliant, signed release of information form accompanied by payment of our fee.

Dr. Rauzzino is not able to prepare questionnaires, statements or letters for attorneys. If necessary, kindly schedule a feed-paid appointment in person or by phone.

These forms are time consuming to prepare and require appropriate planning for completion.

These forms are the responsibility of you and your employer.

Preparation of these forms may be subject to out-of-pocket fees that are not covered by your insurance.

Please request a fee schedule or contact our office.