Wound Care



o   A 4x4 sterile gauze or Telfa applied with hypoallergenic, silk, paper or Hypofix tape will work best

§  Do not use occlusive dressings such as Band-Aids or Tegaderm as these do not allow air to the skin and they trap bacteria underneath

§  Do not use anti-biotic ointments, creams, lotions, or powders at wound sites

§  You may use Vitamin E, but only two weeks after surgery

o   Have someone check your wound and change the dressing daily

o   You may shower immediately but make sure wounds are covered. Let the wounds air dry.

o   Do not allow your dressings to remain wet for long periods of time. This will damage the skin

o   You may remove dressing after 72 hours but leave the steri-strips in place and leave the wound open to air and proceed with a normal shower. Leave the steri-strip in place and pat the incision dry.

§  No baths, hot tub/spa, Jacuzzi or pool until your wounds have been cleared by a clinician

§  Wounds must be 100% closed, pink and without scabs before you can submerse them into water

o   Staples need to be removed 10 to 14 days after surgery