Post-Operative Monitoring


These are Problematic and Concerning Symptoms:


·         Fever greater than 100.5° F after 3 days from surgery and possibly, chills and/or

Night sweats

·         Increasing redness, fluctuance, warmth, selling and/or foul smelling drainage from any surgical site

·         Opened wound from failed suture or staple sites(s) – greatly increases the risk for infection

·         No fresh red blood, yellow or which discharge should be present

·         Chest pain, shortness of breath, pain in neck or arm

·         Increasing numbness or weakness, especially in the groin areas

·         Changes in bladder or bowel, Burning or itching with urination

·         New pain in leg or calf

If you experience any of these symptoms, you must contact our clinic immediately!!!


Please Note: If your symptoms as noted above are worsening and it is after clinic hours:

·         Contact our on-call doctor at 303-790-1800

·         Go to the Emergency Department at the nearest hospital and have the attending physician phone or page our physician on call to discuss the issue at hand.

We are not able to examine you over the phone!!!


These are Routine Concerns:


·         Skin Irritations

o   Itching and/or irritation from tape adhesives

§  You may use antihistamine such as Benadryl or equivalent

§  You may lightly cleanse the affected area, but not the incisions, with mild soap to remove the irritant. Recommended cleansers are Exidine, Hibiclens, Phisoderm or equivalent

§  You may apply ice to the area

§  Do not use heat as heat will worsen the condition