Pre-Op Instructions

·        Do not bring jewelry, credit cards, large amounts of money, or other valuables with you the day of your operation. Bring your co-pay if required. You may need to have some money with you for prescriptions. The person accompanying you can hold it. Select comfortable clothing to wear to the hospital.

·        If you wear glasses, contacts, dentures or a hearing aid, bring along a case to put them in during surgery.

·        Remove all jewelry prior to surgery. If you are unable to remove rings, have them removed by a jeweler prior to your surgery.

·        Please shower before coming to the hospital, shampoo your hair and brush your teeth. Do not swallow the water when you brush your teeth.

·        Do not apply lotions, perfume or makeup. Nail polish and artificial nails are OK.

·        If you smoke, stop or at least reduce your smoking.

·        No smoking after midnight. No alcoholic beverages prior to surgery.

·        Eat a light supper the day before your operation and do not drink any alcohol for 24 hours before surgery.

·        Have nothing to eat for at least 8 hours prior to your scheduled surgery time. Solids include things like milkshakes, protein drinks any anything that has particulate matter in it. This includes gum, candy, water, coffee, or food of any kind. You may have clear liquids (water, clear juices, clear soda, black coffee or tea without milk or cream) up to 4 hours before your surgery time. If you consume food less than 8 hours and liquids less than 4 hours prior to surgery, you can put yourself in danger and that may result in cancellation of your surgery. If your anesthesiologist call you the night before your surgery and gives you instructions other than these, their instructions should be followed.